The Ra Programming Language

Program in your native tongue

Ra is an alternative syntax for the .NET language Cobra that allows you to program in non-English languages. See Ra Vs Cobra for all the differences between Ra and Cobra.


Contribute (or fix) a language or browse the source code. Ra is written in Ra, so browsing the source code is one way to get a taste. Language Definition Files

Online Editor Tips

• Downloading your work does not work well on Internet Explorer or Safari • Get a plugin to overwrite downloads like this one • Configure your browser to ask where to save each download • Place the cursor on or select a hexadecimal color code to see its color • Select an RGB color code to see its color • Place the cursor on or select a color name (like "cyan") to see its color, hex code, and RGB code • Place the cursor on or select a pi or e literal to see its approximate value (must select if contains decimal point) • Select a math statement to see its result


• Support for non-English programming • Convert between languages • Extensive standard library in addition to Cobra's standard library • Keeps track of "To do" and "Fix" comments • Compiled • First class support for contracts and unit tests • Static (implicit or explicit) and dynamic typing • String comments (useful for patterns) • Comes with files for syntax highlighting • Garbage collection • Unique pattern (regex) language


The Friendly Nod Licence Copyright (c) 2015 Omar Ahmad This product may be dealt with, by anyone, in any way, free of charge, subject to the following conditions: Either of the following numbered conditions are met: 1. No person or entity shall be explicitly misrepresented as an author or owner of this product. 2. The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the product. The product has no warranty, including the warranty of merchantability, and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Neither the authors nor copyright holders shall be liable for any claim, damages, or other liability in connection with the product. Note: The Syntax Highlighting files are exempt from the above copyright and licence. See those files for their copyright and licence information.

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